Brother Printers on Cashback

If you're looking for a Brother Printer, you've come to the right place... because at Easyink we're passionate about helping you get the right printer FOR YOU.

Not a printer we get the best margin or rebate on. Not a printer from our favourite rep who buys us lunch!

Every day we get feedback from people who use Brother printers, and from businesses where they're used every day. And because we steer clear of the cheap and nasty brands, we only sell printers that give reliable service over time. 

Here are some features we look for in a printer:

  • Cost of consumables and maintenance over the life of the printer.
  • Reliability over time.
  • Ease of use e.g. touch screen, set up, operation.
  • Manufacturer after sales support e.g. NZ-based help desk able to resolve issues quickly, ongoing consumables supply, driver updates etc.

Unfortunately, too many people end up with a low-end printer that uses cartridges incorporating a print head. This results in a cost per copy that is way too expensive. The starter cartridges don't last long and often the first set of cartridges costs more than the printer.  

They're a really bad investment. Big box retailers sell lots of them and they don't seem to tell the customer about the expensive consumables costs.

We want to change that, and help people to make better-informed decisions when buying a printer.

Another thing we've noticed about the printer market is that many buyers are not informed about the monthly cashbacks offered by printer manufacturers.

Cashbacks change each month, so don't miss out! They can make it very cost effective to move to a more economical printer with up-to-date features. Sometimes you can have a brand new printer delivered to your door for less than the cost of consumables for your old printer!

Please note that cashbacks are not deducted from the purchase price. They're a gift from the printer manufacturer (not from Easyink) and you don't need a trade in.  Brother will deposit the cashback into your bank account. Make sure you lodge your claim before the cashback expires!  If you need help call us on 0800 893 797.

Lodging the claim with Brother online at this link is pretty straightforward.

So with that in mind, here are current cashbacks and special deals on Brother printers. 

This category is a work in progress!

Our product elves are working as fast as they can to update the website, but would welcome your call on 0800 893 797.