Pilot Pens

Pilot Pens

Pilot pens and markers are the innovative and high quality products of the Pilot Corporation of Japan (est. 1918). It has been awarded the “world’s number 2 brand in writing instruments”.

Pilot products are designed with both writing comfort and environmental responsibility in mind. Refills are available to make Pilot pens more economical and environmentally friendly.

You’ll love the ergonomic designs with rubber grips for better control and luxurious writing comfort.

Pilot FriXion ball point pens have proven popular since their launch more than ten years ago. They are ball point pens using special thermosensitive ink that means you can erase and rewrite just as easily as you would with a pencil (but without the eraser dust!) Pilot even makes FriXion highlighters so you can erase highlighting errors!

Pilot downforce ball point pens are pressurised so your pen doesn’t rely on gravity to feed the ink to the nib. This allows you to write upside down or lying back in your chair with notebook on your knees! Customers say this is a great writing pen even without the added bonus of a pressurised cartridge.

Pilot also make Whiteboard markers under the name “Wyteboard Marker”, and a range of calligraphy and fine point pens.

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Pilot SCA 100 Permanent Marker Bullet Black 2Pk
Pilot SCA-RF-G Refill Ink 30Ml Super Colour Green
Pilot Super Grip G Retractable Ballpoint Medium Blue 3Pk
Pilot Super Grip G Stick Ballpoint Medium Blue 3Pk
Pilot ENO-G Pencil Lead Refill 12Pk (PL-5ENOG-HB)
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