What To Expect From Easyink

Right Printer:

  • Free advice from experienced printer professionals to help you choose the printer that`s best for you.
  • The right features are part of it but running costs over the lifetime of the printer are also important.
  • As printer specialists we get valuable feedback every day. Others have learned the hard way how various printers perform. We’ll save you the grief of owning a lemon!
  • There`s no obligation to buy a printer from us, but we`d love to be your consumables supplier going forward...

Right Cartridge:

  • If you type in your printer model at checkout then we`ll check that the cartridges you`ve ordered are correct for your printer.
  • If the cartridges you receive are incorrect for the printer model you`ve given us, we`ll pay all costs to get the right ones to you ASAP (and pay freight to get the others back to us). If you`ve opened them so they`re not resalable, we`ll take that loss ourselves.
  • At the end of each day we email a tracking link for your parcel. Every day we check the whereabouts of every parcel so we know when a parcel is being held up somewhere. We might be able to get it moving again without you even noticing. If it’s delayed we’ll let you know. If the courier can’t promise quick delivery we’ll send you a replacement parcel and have the delayed parcel returned to us.

Awesome Support:

  • Printer and cartridge support is only a phone call away. Call us on 0800 893 797 or 027 578 7881 or 021 178 7881 and a technician will answer your queries real fast. Or email support@easyink.co.nz
  • All concerns are logged and not marked off as resolved until we`ve confirmed that our customer is satisfied.
  • If a compatible cartridge fails we`ll send a replacement out straight away and we`ll pay any freight costs to get the faulty cartridge back to us.
  • If a genuine cartridge fails, we`ll work through the returns process with you. Each manufacturer has different procedures and warranties but we’ll do everything we can to get the issue resolved.
  • We work hard to make ordering as quick and easy as possible online, via phone, or via email.
  • If you have any problems with your printer while using “compatible” cartridges supplied by us contact us ASAP and we’ll get to work immediately to get you up and running again.
  • We can resolve most problems with advice over the phone, or with a free replacement of non-performing cartridges (we pay all freight costs).

Easyink Printers and Cartridges Ltd

Auckland: 09 280 4079
Tollfree: 0800 893 797
Fax: 028 2553 6505
Brent: 027 578 7881 support@easyink.co.nz
Chris: 021 178 7881 office@easyink.co.nz
GST: 61-786-775
BNZ 02-0727-0100088-00
DUNS: 594844565

Registered Office (no stock at this location):
72 John F Kennedy Drive
Palmerston North 4414
New Zealand
[Updated 20th September 2017]


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