Find the Right Printer

Our mission is to help our customers buy the best printer for their needs. A printer that will minimise frustration and give you value for money over the long haul. 

As printer specialists we see people spending more money on printing than they need to. Let us help you choose the best cartridges for your printer, and the best printer when it comes time to replace yours.

We only list printers that we'd be happy to supply to close friends. Right now we feel strongly that Brother printers are the best for most requirements.

Take a look at the cashback offers below. The models usually change at the beginning of each month. Here's how Brother cashback works:

  1. Buy the printer at the prices shown below.
  2. When you receive your printer, go to the Brother promotions page.
  3. Enter your details and Brother will email you.
  4. Attach your Easyink tax invoice and email back to Brother.
  5. Brother will deposit the cashback amount into your bank account.

We're always happy to help, and if you have any questions at all please contact us via live help, Email Us or call 0800 893 797.